The idea behind SAMI is simple: Tailored courses, small groups, highly experienced trainers (>10 years experience)

Why SAMI ?

Well its simple really. Most courses on the market are not tailored, high student:staff ratio, and not as experienced as our faculty.

The idea behind SAMI is simple :

Tailored courses, small groups, highly experienced trainers (>10 years experience)

Who is this course relevant for?

Doctors in training and Consultants applying for jobs or seeking continuous professional development (CPD).

6 reasons to choose SAMI

Student:Tutor ratio

  • Our consultant interview course ratio is 1:1
  • Our specialist registrar course ratio is 1:1
  • We believe that ratios above this compromise individualized aspect of course, and leads to not enough time spent for the interviewee
  • We do not compromise quality for price
  • Always check the student:trainer ratio when choosing a course!

Tailored medical interview preparation

  • Our courses are tailored to individuals’ needs
  • We ask each candidate to send us information about their upcoming interview
  • i.e We do not wait to find out about you on the day
  • And do not offer generic one size fits all courses as most companies do!

Our one-to-one interview course is simply fantastic

  • The course is from 10am-4pm, and not 2 or 3 hours long as offered by many companies
  • The feedback we have received for the one to one course is outstanding.

Highly experienced faculty

  • More than 10 years experience in providing medical interview practice
  • Dr Purva & Dr Hemadri have trained hundreds of junior doctors and consultants for medical interviews
  • As chief medical officer, Dr Purva has first hand experience of hot NHS topics
  • They have also trained medical interview course providers!
  • They have authored the SAMI medical interviews book

Featured High Demand Faculty

Our faculty are dedicated to the achievement of excellence in the education, as well as those currently in practice,
and to the highest standards of leadership in research, patient care, and community service.

MBBS FRCS Edin MBA (Leics)

MBBS, DA (UK), FFARCS (Ireland), MBA (Leics), M Med (Leeds)

Senior NHS and non-NHS Senior persons

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