The idea behind SAMI is simple: Tailored courses, small groups, highly experienced trainers (>10 years experience)


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Medical interview courses help you prepare for medical interviews and increase your chances of succeeding.

Course Locations

Success At Medical Interviews (SAMI) offers medical interview courses in London and Doncaster. Your medical interview may determine whether or not you succeed in your medical career. Our courses help you prepare for the question and to get an idea of what he interviews entail. Without the right preparation, some questions may catch you off guard.

We help you practice for the questions so that you can come up with answers even when you are faced with unexpected questions. We advise our students to come up with go-to phrases that they can use if they find themselves in such situations. Medical school interviews can be stressful and most students become nervous. Nervousness may make it difficult for a student to showcase their best skills and behaviors. We equip them with techniques that they can use to relax. Relaxation techniques are not only important during the interview. They can be applied in other life situations.