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ST/CT Interviews Course: One to One
Course Overview

ST/CT Interviews Course: One to One

ST/CT Interviews Course: One to One


About this course

Interviews for ‘registrar’ posts are very unique and hence very challenging.
Candidates for registrar interviews tend to be very high on knowledge and achievements – some candidates tend not to demonstrate this enough while others can get overconfident with these. A correct balance has to be achieved.

Rightfully there is an emphasis on portfolio. Is having a good portfolio enough? No.

You will also have to demonstrate in your interview that:

  • you are a good learner
  • you are safe
  • you can be trusted
  • you will be liked
  • you will know your limitations and seek help
  • you can present your portfolio in an attractive manner

Often in registrar interviews, candidates tend to answer as though it was an examination viva. An interview is very different.

Our course will help develop and show these attributes in an interview setting.

Course Fee : £425.00

Venue : Online

We offer our courses in London and Doncaster. Please choose the location.

Due to the covid pandemic, this course is only available online with live real time faculty (irrespective of the location you choose)


Time: Negotiated to suit your schedule (typically 8 am to 1 pm)

Time Details
Session 1 Interview Techniques
Session 2 Interview practice: CV review
Session 3 Interview practice: Professionilism and Ethics
Session 4 Interview practice: Speciality based topics
Session 5 Interview practice : Generic NHS topics
Mock interview
Feedback and Close


Success at Medical Interviews (SAMI) offers ST/CT interviews courses to help you increase your chances of succeeding in the interviews. CT/ST interview questions seek to understand your personal drive, qualities, and ambitions.

Course Overview

We offer our courses in London and Doncaster. Please choose the venue when you book the course Please call us or email Doncaster Courses at Trades Club, Doncaster