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Commonly Asked Medical Interview Questions

medical interview questions

Commonly Asked Medical Interview Questions

Knowing the common medical interview questions makes it possible to prepare for them and deliver the right answers in a confident and convincing way. Anticipating the questions gives you a chance to practice saying the answers out loud especially if you are nervous.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Are You Interested In Joining Medical School?

How To Answer

To answer this question, you need to understand the benefits of joining medical school and what exactly it entails. Give an answer that demonstrates your passion without making it sound unrealistic. Give a few points that demonstrate your desire. Make your answer personal by giving a few examples or instances that motivate you to pursue a career in medicine

  • What Are The Dangers Of Uncontrolled Use of Antibiotics?

How To Answer

When responding to this question, explain the uses of antibiotics. Do not criticise doctors that prescribe antibiotics and do not suggest that doctors stop giving antibiotics to patients who request for them. You can, however, say that using too much antibiotics causes bacteria to develop immunity against them. Suggest the use of antibiotics only when it is necessary and propose things that ca be done to reduce the uncontrolled use of the drugs.

  • How Much Do You Think A Mountain Weighs

How To Answer

Questions of creativity and imagination require you to be creative. You do not necessarily have to give a guess definite answer. Ask any questions that may help you. You could, for example, ask how tall it is or what types of rocks it consists of. Take some time to articulate a thought process that makes it possible to explain your answer. Do not just blurt out a random number.

  • What Is More Important, Sympathy or Empathy?

How To Answer

To answer the question, you need to define both terms. Sympathy means feeling compassion for another person because they are experiencing certain hardships while empathy means putting yourself in their shoes. Discuss the responsibilities of a healthcare professional and how both skills are important. If possible, give examples of situations where each one of them is important and give your conclusion.

Prepare for your medical interview by researching on common questions and finding the right answers for them. Learn the different ways to respond to questions about yourself without sounding cheesy or like you are bragging. A medical interview course may help you prepare well.


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