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Pre Course Reading List

medical interview questions

Pre Course Reading List

Pre-course reading list

One way to motivate yourself to prepare properly is to book a firm date for our interview course so that you have a target date before which you will have to be prepared.
So this would be a good time to go to our website and book a place

Have a go at the links suggested on this page. Don’t be too stressed by the long list. You probably know most of the stuff anyway. Use to orient yourself rather than knowing it line and verse.

Suggested Links
1. Department of Health
Relevant topics include
a) NHS constitution-
b) High quality care for all-
c) High quality care for all- Our journey so far
d) Foundation trusts
e) NHS operating framework for 2010 to 2011

2. GMC
Standards guidance for doctors
on that website read about the topics given below:
• Good Medical Practice
• Consent guidance
• Confidentiality guidance
• 0-18 years: Guidance for all doctors
• Management for doctors
• Withholding and withdrawing life-prolonging treatment
• Research
• Supplementary guidance
Medical Education publications
• Tomorrow’s Doctors
• The New Doctor
• Medical students – professional behaviour and fitness to practise
• Gateways to the professions – advising medical schools: encouraging disabled students

Licensing and Revalidation:
GMC Today: – for recent developments and useful read prior to the interview.

3. College websites
Read about your college’s views are on
a) Appraisal
b) Revalidation
c) Continuing Professional Development
d) European Working Time Regulation
4. Website of your potential employer.
5. European Working Time Directive – published by the EWTD reference group.
6. Medical Specialty Training –
• Modernising Medical Careers
• NHS Medical Education England
• Foundation Training
• Tooke Report-
• Recruitment information relevant to your specialty.

Relevant topics include
a) National reporting and learning service
b) National Clinical Assessment Service
Read speciality relevant topics.
9. Care Quality Commission
Read about the work of the commission with relevance to your specialty.
10. Academy of Medical Royal Colleges: read about the academy stance on SPA and the specialty standards framework with respect to revalidation
Additional links
1. read about innovative projects relevant to your specialty and is a useful link to current topics of interest in the NHS.
2. consumer guide to health services; read about your potential employer.
3. NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement – about the Institute’s work in your region and involving your speciality
5. PMETB –merger with GMC-

This is by no means an exhaustive list but will start you on the right path to find more information and ultimately help broaden your knowledge base in preparation for your interview.

Good luck and happy reading!


PS: By the way have you booked your date yet?

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