The idea behind SAMI is simple: Tailored courses, small groups, highly experienced trainers (>10 years experience)


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Medical interview courses help you prepare for medical interviews and increase your chances of succeeding.

Because medical interviews are important, it is necessary to prepare for them. The interviews may seem like just a chat but they are not. You will need to come up with answers in a short time. Even though you may have sufficient knowledge and the qualities which the interviewers are looking for, the situation is generally stressful and being unfamiliar with the type of questions they ask may make you nervous.

Continuing Professional Development, also known as CPD means learning and development that is meant to help you progress in your career and to acquire new information. CPD courses help you to improve yours skills and to stay up-to-date with technical advancements in your career. Continuing professional development is not only an investment to yourself but also for your employer. You need a professional development portfolio to keep a record of all your continuing professional development activities. You should also write down how each of the activities has been helpful to you.

Keeping a detailed portfolio may help you when you need to provide evidence of your progress. It makes it possible to plan future activities and it is a source of records whenever you need to update your resume. CBD is important for all professionals but it is essential in the medical field because the profession is always evolving. Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals can take advantage of CPD to maintain high standards of patient care and learn more about the profession. Even those who have reached senior levels still need CPD to meet legal obligations and increase their knowledge.

Our courses are designed to help you achieve your career objectives. The opportunity will set you apart from others in your profession by equipping you with skills and practice. We have interactive discussions, mock interviews, and interesting perspectives. On this page, we keep you updated on new information.