The idea behind SAMI is simple: Tailored courses, small groups, highly experienced trainers (>10 years experience)

Consultant Interviews Course: One to One
Course Overview

Consultant Interviews Course: One to One

Consultant Interviews Course: One to One


About this course

The consultant interview is like no other interview that a doctor would have faced in their career.

A consultant interview is about demonstrating your

  • maturity of attitude,
  • suitability for the department,
  • ability to succeed at a high level,
  • expertise in delivering independently while being a team player at
    the same time
  • understanding of a system perspective
  • skill in supporting and developing others

Course Fee : London – £599 / Doncaster – £599

Venue : NOTE : ALL COURSES ARE REAL TIME ON LINE ONE TO ONE DUE TO THE COVID PANDEMIC (no physical face to face courses available at this time)

We offer our courses in London and Doncaster. Please choose the location

A consultant interview is often misunderstood as merely getting a job, it is not, it is the opportunity to sow the seed for a successful long career.

At SAMI we offer this bespoke full day one-to-one face-to-face interview training. The course is bespoke as it is designed and delivered to your specific requirements. We study your CV, your job description and details of the NHS organisation you are applying for and tailor the course exclusively for you.

The day is scheduled so that you get hours of practice with your interview answers with senior and experienced trainers observing, supervising, correcting, advising, improving and constructively criticising in a very supportive environment. We review your presentation slides and provide the opportunity to practice your presentation and we offer suggestions to improve your presentation.

We video your answers and provide feedback based on that. You will have a simulated interview at the end of it you will be provided a debriefing and a scoring sheet.

The day is long, intense and at times exhausting but our candidate feedback shows that is a very rewarding day.

Course schedule

Timings are negotiated to suit your convenience (typically 8 am to 1 pm)

Session 1 Interview Techniques
Session 2 Interview practice: CV review
Session 3 Interview practice: Professionilism and Ethics
Session 4 Interview practice: Speciality based topics
Session 5 Interview practice : Generic NHS topics
Mock interview
1545 to 1600 Feedback and Close


Success At Medical Interviews (SAMI) offers consultant interview courses to help you increase your chances of succeeding in medical interviews.

Course Overview

We offer our courses in London and Doncaster. Please choose the venue when you book the course Please call us or email Doncaster Courses at Trades Club, Doncaster