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How To Prepare for a Medical Interview

Medical interview

How To Prepare for a Medical Interview

While you are waiting for your medical interview, you need to prepare in advance to increase your chances of success. Preparation makes it possible for you to present yourself in a confident and impressive way.

Preparing For Medical Interviews

Research On The Common Questions

Find out what questions interviewers ask. Even if you are a naturally charismatic and confident person, thinking about the interview questions in advance is necessary. Before your interview, have someone conduct a mock interview to test your readiness. Answer questions about your personal interests, education, medicine-related questions, questions about ethics, diversity, medical school, and creative and imagination questions. Let them give you feedback and improve on you weaknesses. A medical interview course may help you prepare better since you will get the help of professionals.

Buy The Right Outfit

Choose an outfit that makes you look professional and confident. Even before your medical interview begins, your interviewers will already be judging you based on your outfit. Your clothing should be neat, comfortable, and pressed. It should not be too tight or bright. Do not wait until the day before your interview to get an outfit. If you are under pressure, you may not be able to buy the right one. Take your time to go shopping. If possible, buy a few options and pick one just before the interviewer. On the day of the interview, do not wear jewellery or accessories that are too flashy or distracting. Brush your teeth and avoid perfumes with strong scents.

Research Your Schools

Study the schools you applied to. Find out their styles of teaching, their course structure, and everything about it. When attending medical interviews, you may need to explain the things that you like about the school and what benefits you think you could get from it. If you are not familiar with the school, you may not be able to give convincing answers. Think about the things that motivated you to apply for a medicine course in that school. Giving specific answers may make you appear serious to your interviewers. Check out their format so you know what to expect on the day of the interview.

Remember that your medical interview is one of the most important parts of your application. Every interview is unique so do not compare your experience with that of others. Prepare well but be ready for anything.


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