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Leadership & Management Course for Doctors
Course Overview

Leadership & Management Course for Doctors

Leadership & Management Course for Doctors


About this course

SAMI Enhanced Leadership and Management Improvement Course.

This course is like no other that you would have experienced. This is a comprehensive two day course. This course is specifically designed for healthcare professionals, particularly doctors but suitable for other senior healthcare persons.

This is not a typical business school type of management and leadership. This course is unashamedly clinically focused, patient oriented, care delivery.

At SAMI we believe that healthcare leadership and management is a bespoke and unique case needing totally different theories, tools, skills and approach not applicable to most other industries or sectors. We teach why that is so. We teach how to be effective in this unique field.

Course Fee : £600.00

Venue : London, Doncaster and online. (Currently, due to the covid pandemic, this course is only offered online with live real time faculty)

We offer our courses in London and Doncaster. Please choose the location

The content is based on quality theory, improvement measurements, contextual social skills, healthcare lean and patient care delivery process improvement. You will learn what is not normally available in any single course from a single source in the UK. We aim to give solid principles based on healthcare evidence that will be transferable to your day to day work and put you on a firm footing to shine as an intelligent, knowledgeable and practical healthcare leader. You will gain new tangible technical skills which have not been a part of your educational or professional curriculum so far.

Enhanced Leadership and Management Improvement Course

Day 1:

The content of the course is based on:

Leadership by understanding and delivering a better process of care for patients.

On day one we teach you the essentials of healthcare quality theory and how it translates into better process for patients.

At the end of this day one, you will recognise:

  • The essentials of the evidence for healthcare quality improvment
  • the clinical approach to improving processes.
  • Design a basic process
  • Deliver a basic process
Day 2:

Leadership by effective measurement and contextual social skills

Healthcare can only be managed and led effectively if clinicians are able to measure meaningfully and use a very people based approach to delivering care.

On this day, we take you step by step by highly interactive hands on approach to design a process and process behaviour charting (a measurement technique)

At the end of this day you will be able to

  • Construct a process behaviour chart and understand the measurements
  • understand some of the outlines of practical tools of improvement and healthcare management
  • understand the unique nature of people and systems in healthcare
  • discuss specific healthcare related communication, human factors, team work, negotiation, innovation examples
  • Appreciate the differences between what patients want, what healthcare organisations respond to and what healthcare professionals deliver.

SAMI assurance

We can assure you

  • that most if not all candidates of this course will find that the course material is new or unfamiliar
  • will enjoy the day
  • will gain tangible skills

This course will give you an edge and head start in your journey enabling you with the attributes to be an excellent clinician and if you choose a superior leader.

Course schedule

Day 1 Healthcare Quality Theory Understanding and creating shared baselines and modelling processes
Day 2 Measurements and Methods Contextual Social Skills


The basic course is essential for all doctors to be able to be effective in their day to day clinical work in their delivery of healthcare and interaction with patients, colleagues and the healthcare system.

Course Overview

We offer our courses in London and Doncaster. Please choose the venue when you book the course Please call us or email Doncaster Courses at Trades Club, Doncaster