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Likeability and Interviews

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Likeability and Interviews

Likeability and Interviews

One of the main factors in being successful in an interview is likeability.

Some may say that is unfair, some might be surprised. Let us explore this.

Once you are shortlisted and invited for an interview it means you have met the essential criteria which means you are appointable. On that basis you have an equal chance of actually getting the job as anyone else. If you are invited for an interview it may also mean that you have met many of the ‘desirable’ criteria. The chances are that the content of any answers you may give is also going to be more or less the same as the other candidates at an interview, i.e. the knowledge is likely to be equal among the shortlisted candidates.

Well, if you have the essential criteria and your knowledge level is also the same then how can an interviewer make a decision?

The decision is therefore likely to be based on whether the interviewer likes you.

Jobs for the boys, known candidates, mentors on interview panels, old school ties, social networks and many other link-ups all mean just one thing in an interview context. It means that the interviewer likes the interviewee.

Likeability is very important. It will be pretty difficult, if not just impossible to work with someone that you do not like. We at SAMI, argue that the likeablility should be based on contextual performance based ‘professional likeability’ rather than personal links history based ‘social likeability’ (which is important and relevant in general/social life). This means that the interviewer makes a decision on whether the candidate is likeable purely on the interview performance of the day rather than any prior knowledge of the candidates that the interviewer might be aware of.

That will be the basis of Success of people in healthcare.

That is part of what we try to train you in when you attend the SAMI interview courses – on how to be likeable within an interview context thus potentially outshining anyone who may have social or personal links with the interview panel. Its not easy, there are no guarantees but no harm in trying!

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